Easy to Make Jewish Moroccan Cuisine Complete Lessons!


You start to cook with your eyes!

My childhood memories are always surrounded by cooking impressions. Whether I ponder about births, marriages, family gatherings or the calming memory of my childhood home. Thinking about my mother, my father or the city I grew up in, food was always an important part to spice, color and enrich our experiences.

Ethnic cuisine from around the world, blooming in the heart of old Jerusalem, family traditions and signature dishes of "famous" mothers in my neighborhood. I was always fascinated by the rich, colorful environment I was lucky to be born into.

In my course, I guide you alongside my memories. I will take you through my personal process of cooking the Shabat meals. A process perfected over the years, cooking for my children, my husband and many of my dear family and friends.

You must always cook with your eyes.

I watched my mother, sister and many others cook throughout the years.

You are invited to see with your own eyes - cooking a great Shabat feast, couldn't be easier.

This course is for people who want to learn how to cook real authentic Shabat kosher feasts. For you who are looking for the "real deal" family-bounding meals, taught by an original "Yiddishe mame". Authentic food by authentic people of Jerusalem.

What Will I Learn?

Share the real experience of ancient cooking wisdom, as it passed from mother to daughter along the generations. You will learn how to prepare a complete traditional festive Shabat meal; Shabat Moroccan fish, Cholent, Meat, Salads and more.

Curriculum For This Course


Introduction Video Personal introduction with Illana - Kosher Cooking Secrets Course Instructor

Lesson 1

Cholnet - "Hamin"

Lesson 2

Fennel Chicken

Lesson 3

Slow Cooked Beef

Lesson 4

Fish In The Oven - "Oven Hrayme"

Lesson 5

Matbucha - "Cooked Salad"

Lesson 6

Roasted Pepper Salat

Bonus Material

Kosher Cooking Secrets Extra Recipes

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